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Shane's solo holiday. Day 4.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I admit it. I am a terrible diarist. Always have been. 

Anyway, I have an excuse because rock climbing is exhausting and trying to compose a blog post after a long day's climbing in the Greek heat is not easy.

So here I am on Day 4.

Today was a rest-day from climbing - and I needed it. Yesterday, I applied many of the lessons that Simon had been advising me on. Progress was made. But I am still stuck on 5c+ as my highest lead level (pathetic).

Yesterday we were based in Grande Grotta, a wonderful hollowed out section of cliff overlooking the sea. After finishing, we all (me, Simon, Frank, Antoine, Emanualle) stopped by a cafe for coffee. Simon is a great talker and damn interesting too. His tips for climbing were well received, by me anyway.

Afterwards, I had a shower, a nap and then went out for shopping. Along the way I met Frank and his wife and we sat own at a bar for a drink and a chat. He is a really fun guy - so hence my shock at today's news... he was knocked over by a moped and broke his collar bone.

Holy shit!

So now he is out of action. A real pity as he is a great climber to watch and quite inspiring for me. He refused to let me down on one route and I went farther than I thought possible. All in good humour as well!

Tomorrow it is just me and Simon. (Antoine and Emmanuelle were booked in for 2 days only.) Seven hours of close attention - I hope I am up to it.

Myself, I hired a bike and cycled to a remote beach for a swim. It was extremely hot with a long uphill followed by a meandering downhill, but I loved it. Really secluded with only a few others around.

I think I earned the beer I am having right now :)

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Blogger Marcel Speer said...

The look up to the cliff looks really frightening, I think you earned your beer :) I'm searching for a kind of sports hotel near the Grande Gotta and I am already searching on sites like trivago, do you have any other insider suggestions?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013  

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