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Tip #5 for Solo Travelers ... Print your own currency converter

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The best way to waste money while abroad is not to know how much each note is worth. Vendors know this because they see you fumbling with notes.

So do yourself a favour. Print a simple currency converter. BUT to do it right, it must be made as follows...
  • On the left put the LOCAL currency
  • On the right put YOUR currency
That is, (if you are Irish like me) do NOT print "10 euro = 13.73 shekels" - because there are no 13.73 shekel notes.

Remember, you will be looking at local notes. You need to know in a flash approximately what they is worth in Euros. The best way to do this is to put the local currency first, then Euros.

A photo of my cash converter

Print 2 copies (about the size of a credit-card)...
  1. Put one in your wallet so you can see it every time you take money out.
  2. Stick the other in the back of your guidebook as that is the other thing you'll carry everywhere.
So where are Hryvnias from? Ukraine. That foto is from the back of my LonelyPlanet guidebook from 2004. A great solo travel trip.

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