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Tip #8 for Solo Travelers ... Learn a secret language

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

You know when you are abroad and you meet someone from your home country ... sometimes you just want to be able to chat privately.

The problem is that if English is your native language, you're kinda scuppered. Everyone knows English, so any private conversations are immediately broadcast to all.

What you need is a language that no-one else knows!

For my own part, I have one fall-back. I am reasonably fluent in Irish Gaelic and can have meaningful conversations in it ... if & when I meet a rare other Irish person who speaks it :/

A photo my Irish dictionary

When I do get to those rare opportunities to speak it abroad, it can be quite funny.

I can sometimes see people looking at me and trying to figure out what this gibberish is. They see me - a white western European - speaking a language that to them sounds like a mixture of Chinese and Native American.

Privacy guaranteed :)

So, before you go off on your solo travelling adventures with Wandermates, pack an obscure dictionary. Surely someone somewhere also speaks Klingon!

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