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Tip #4 for Solo Travelers ... Ditch your phrasebook

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

To clarify - I am not one of those arrogant travelers who makes no effort to learn other languages & expects everyone to speak English (I speak Spanish & Gaelic as well as English).

But years of solo travel experience have taught me that you don't need much to get by.

I have found that if you learn the following 5 phrases (accompanied by lots of hand-signals), you'll be fine in 90% of circumstances...
  1. Excuse me
  2. Hello
  3. Thanks
  4. Thanks very much
  5. Goodbye
A photo of my phrasebooks

As well as those, the following 4 English phrases are understood pretty much worldwide (apart from a few undiscovered tribes in New Guinea).
  1. Hi
  2. Thanks
  3. Sorry
  4. No problem
So ditch the phrasebook. Write these few words on the back of your guidebook & you'll be grand.

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