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Shane's solo holiday. Day 1.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Ever hear the phrase "eat your own dogfood"?

It is used in software & other businesses (like dogfood production!) to answer the question about whether you use your own product.

Well, I do. 

I invented Wandermates for people who travel solo and want to meet other travellers - and adventure sports people.

So here I am in Kalymnos, Greece at a climbing camp run by the excellent Simon Montmory. I was here at about this time last year and had a great time.

I decided to come back for more.

I had big hopes that my climbing skills might have improved over the past year as I spent a lot of time practicing indoors during the winter months. But - now that Day 1 is past - I have to admit that not practicing since May was probably a bad idea :/


However, Simon himself continues to inspire with his amazing monkey-like climbing skills. Frank (the other chap on the camp) is also extremely good. So in any event if I can't perform any moves myself, at least I can watch masters at work.

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