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Tip #6 for Solo Travelers ... Pack a headlamp

Friday, 21 June 2013

As a solo traveller you will be doing a lot of things in the dark. Getting buses late at night, trains in the early morning, arriving at hostels with lights out, etc, etc.

So best to have your own lamp with you.

I recommend using one of those miners' headlamps, like that I am wearing below (in a cave in Co.Clare, Ireland with Clare Caving Club.)

A photo of me with a headlamp down a hole

Headlamps are cheap ($20), light, easy to pack and VERY useful in many circumstances. For example:
  • Unpacking your bag in a hostel late at night
  • Walking on an unlit road
  • Reading on a bus
  • Etc.
So do yourself a favour. Pack a lamp before you go solo travelling with Wandermates :)

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